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 The Vietnamese Children's Songbook is a collection of popular children's songs and cultural traditions.

The book features notated melodies for each of the nine songs along with Vietnamese lyrics and English translations and colorful illustrations throughout that depict the story of each song. All songs are arranged in child-friendly singable keys, and playable for beginning instrumentalists as well. It also features select children's traditions, such as the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival, the moon cakes eaten and games that children partake in during this time, including how to make a lantern for the festival. A Vietnamese pronunciation guide along with common Vietnamese phrases are included in the book for the beginning Vietnamese language learner. The music that accompanies the book includes full length recordings of the songs, videos of children speaking the lyrics, speaking practice tracks, and spoken examples of Vietnamese phrases from the book. Parents, children, educators, and librarians will find this book useful and enjoyable for years to come. This book, along with a separate Teacher's Guide, is available through F-Flat Books.

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by Tina Huynh

Illustration- Jessica Dinh

Music recording: 

Bich Van Nguyen- vocals

Minh Nguyen- guitar

Tina Huynh- flute

Todd Heinrich, Tina Huynh, and Jimmy Tran- percussion

Todd Heinrich and Tina Huynh- producers

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